Osaifu – share your wallet.


samurai-apps released iPhone app “Osaifu – share your wallet.”


  • Share your account book 
    • You can use this app “Wallet” for sharing account books with your spouse or  group members. (ex. a project or a school festival.)
  • Easy & one-touch input 
    •  You can record by easy operation. When you meet the same activity, you can record it by touching a preset button registered in advance.
  • Tags
    • You can append tags as comma-separated keywords with your record, like “lunch, hamberger, XX shop.” The records are assorted as several groups with a same tag in the listing view mode.


  • Select Wallets 
    • You can have more than one account books. Only one book is sharable.
    • Selection View

  • Input view
    •  Input your account activity from this view. If presets are registered, it can input more easily.
    • Input View

      Input View

  • List view
    •  Account records are listed in this view. The list can be sorted by time or grouped by a tag. You can sent this list by e-mail.
    • List (time-line)

      List (time-line)

      List (Tag)

      List (Tag)

  • Presets View
    • If presets are registered, each entry can be done more simply. First seven items are also displayed in the input view.
    • Presets view

      Presets view



A registered data in the shared books is simultaneously saved to “Wallet” server temporarily. When sharing partners open his/her “Wallet”, the saved data is delivered from the server. If the saved data is distributed to all sharing partners, it will be deleted from the server completely.
“Wallet” server only relays data. Since all records in an account book are not saved to “Wallet” server, security risks, such as data disclosure, can be reduced. Moreover, in this “Wallet” sharing protocol, each data transmission is manageable even it does not require your personal information. Transmission and reception of records are encrypted by SSL.

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