• App Name : ChartExpert
  • Platform : SmartPhones with Android 1.6 or above. (Checked with Xperia arc SO-01C, Motorola Xoom, PocketWiFi S (HTC Ideos U8150),  HT-03A (HTC Magic)
  • Price : Free
  • Download : From Android Market

ChartExpert is an app to show a variety of charts, works with apps which supports ChartExpert API.

For users, ChartExpert provides the unified user interface and saving device’s storage by eliminating duplication of many chart programs from user’s smartphones.

For developers, ChartExpert provides a visualization feature for their apps without complicated graphic programming.

ChartExpert can:

  • Draw
    • line chart,
    • vertical bar chart,
    • pie chart, and
    • scatter plot,
  • And demonstrate above.

We recommend ChartExpert for developers who are planning to add visualization function to whom apps.

Using ChartExpert and ChartExpert API doesn’t require any royalty. FREE !!

See pages below to get more information for development.

We prepare an additional benefit for developers using ChartExpert API that a name of your app and URL will be shown at the demonstration screen of ChartExpert in 90 days.

Please inform us by e-mail to

NOTE: Apps actually shown are randomly selected from all of the apps, so your apps will not always be shown.

Version History

ver.1.2.20110416 (Latest)

  • Bug fix (Didn’t accept user’s control with some devices. Hung-up with a particular graph source.)
  • Adjustment of drawing speed and grid distance.


  • Bug fixed.
  • ChartExpert API version 2 supported.
    • Support color command.


  • Initial release.
  • ChartExpert API version 1 supported.

How to Use

ChartExpert is started by an app supporting ChartExpert API and shows a chart for example.



  • Scroll by dragging.

Option Menu

Click a menu button to show option menu. (Not works at demonstration mode)



  • Page titles : Show a page of the selected chart. These are shown if the chart has multiple pages.
  • ChartExpert : Show the “About ChartExpert” view.


Demonstration will be shown when ChartExpert starts directly.



  • Applications supporting ChartExpert API : Show at most 2 app names which support ChartExpert.
  • Demonstrations : Select an item to see demonstration of ChartExpert API.

Security Information

ChartExpert requests following permissions;

  • Internet Access : To retrieve the list of apps supporting ChartExpert API.
  • Write External Storage : To write a log to a SD card.
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